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Brand Ambassador Onboarding

Welcome! The following information will help you get the most out of Fulfyld's Ambassador Program.

Welcome to Fulfyld Day

We're so glad to have you onboard Fulfyld's brand ambassador program! The purpose of this program is to develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you so we can both together share the mission and values of Fulfyld Day to the world and help more people live their lives to the very fullest. We can't do it alone, so from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate your commitment to onboard this journey with us and share Fulfyld's message with the world. Our commitment to you is to help you every step of the way either with consultations about our brand or to provide you with the best resources to succeed. So, if you ever need support, please feel free to reach out to us. With that being said, please check out a few benefits of being a Fulfyld ambassador below.

Cash Commission

Earn up to 50% of every first purchase you bring us via your code or link.

Free Product

Get rewarded for your sales and sharing. Expect free products and gifts from us as an extra appreciation :D

Learn & Grow

Our team will personally brief you the ins and outs of our brand, our mission, values, and anything you need to succeed.

Insider Access

Get exclusive access to events, product releases, VIP discounts, and much more. It's basically like you work here!

one of the best programs out there

Your Reward Opportunities

Standard Commission Structure (first purchases)

  • Standard Rate - earn 10% of every purchase
  • Become a Bronze Seller (sell 20 orders to increase your standard rate) - earn 20% of every purchase
  • Become a Silver Seller (sell 70 orders to increase your standard rate) - earn 25% of every purchase
  • Become a Gold Seller (Sell 100+ orders to increase your standard rate) - earn 30% of every purchase

For those who have reached beyond the Gold Seller tier, please reach out to us to level up and become a Diamond seller which yields better rewards.


Information to help you get to know more about Fulfyld Day and its products. We don't believe in 'brand briefs', giving you a script, or controlling what you say in your own content. We believe in your talent and your knowledge of your audience. However, we do want to give you the best guidance and information about our brand to help you communicate our values, missions, and what makes us different. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at and I'll personally get back to you right away!

About Fulfyld and Our Mission

Fulfyld Day is a health and wellness company for the modern lifestyle. Our mission is to empower everyone's days through natural, more effective functional wellness supplements. We believe in health and wellness being the foundation to everything in life. Meaning, it is our job to find and create the best ways to empower your health and wellness so you can focus on living your life to the fullest and getting everything you've ever wanted.

Read about our story here.

What is the Morning Elixir?

The Morning Elixir is a caffeine-free all-in-one blend that supports your energy, focus, clarity, and overall foundational wellness. We combined the best of all worlds from natural vitamins, minerals, adaptogens and nootropics to create the drink that'll empower your best days. It's a great alternative to coffee, energy drinks, and big pharma medication. OR if you love your coffee, you can even take it alongside it since it has zero caffeine.

We worked with experts to formulate and test the ingredients to ensure effective doses, purity, and safety. The Morning Elixir feels like the warmth of the gleaming sun. You'll feel like your whole world becomes brighter as you enter your flow state to conquer your best days, every day.

Find out more about the Morning Elixir here.

What problem are we solving?
  • The nutrient gaps from modern living, low-quality soils, and a demands of modern life.
  • The constant cycle of using stimulants such as coffee and forgetting about foundational nutrition.
  • Dependency on artificial solutions like energy drinks, big pharma medication and sugary, excess caffeine coffee.
  • Jitters, anxiety, and stress that comes from too much caffeine and sugar raising cortisol levels.
  • Many other solutions are in 'proprietary blends' where you don't know how much of the ingredients you're taking. We never use 'proprietary blends' and always value 100% ingredient transparency.
  • Lack of sleep from excess caffeine and energy drinks, which leads to morning fatigue and brain-fog.
  • Expensive daily $6 dollar coffees and over-priced big pharma medications.
  • We solve brain-fog, fatigue, tiredness, low energy levels, and lack of motivation
  • Mood swings and the sudden afternoon crash
  • Gut issues from consuming too many artificial chemicals and sweeteners from energy drinks or sugary coffee
What are customers trying to achieve?
  • Increase mental clarity, energy levels, cognition, brain health, productivity, & motivation.
  • Have great sustained energy WITHOUT caffeine, coffee or energy drinks.
  • Wanting a simple, great tasting, all-in-one blend WITHOUT the hassle of 20 different hard-to-swallow pills.
  • Regulate their mood, stress, and anxiety throughout the day.
  • Make the most out of their days and to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Take charge of their holistic health and wellness.
  • Wanting a supplements brand that they can trust, use high quality ingredients, efficacious doses, and don't hide ingredients in 'proprietary blends'.
  • Change and transition to more natural alternatives and companies that care about their overall wellbeing.
  • Enter their 'flow state' and crush procrastination for their best days.
  • Get a cognitive boost and enhance mental agility.
  • To become the best version of themselves and have their best days, every day.

What are the customers’ common objections (why do they NOT buy)?
  • Doesn't trust the science behind the formula and dosages in the blend with 'proprietary formulas'
  • Other solutions aren't effective
  • Other solutions tastes bad and is not even close to their daily coffee
  • They don't want to give up their daily cup of coffee
  • Other solutions use artificial sweeteners such as sucralose
  • Battery-sized pills are hard to swallow and demotivating to take every day
  • Other solutions are expensive and is usually not effective in terms of dosages
  • Other solutions are masked by a high caffeine dose in the blend
  • Doesn't trust the safety and efficacy of the brand or wants to try before committing to a bigger serving size
What makes us different?
  • We have 100% ingredient transparency with ZERO proprietary blends. Meaning customers know 100% what and how much they're putting into their bodies.
  • We work with doctors and experts to create effective clinical dosages with the highest-quality bioavailable ingredients.
  • We rigorously test in-house with primary and secondary testing with all of our ingredients to verify purity, potency, and safety.
  • We use natural ingredients and sweeteners to make our drink delicious.
  • Our formulas are caffeine-free so people can drink it alongside their daily coffee or smoothies.
  • We will NEVER use artificial ingredients and chemicals like fake sweeteners and fillers.
  • Our powder makes it super easy to mix in water and drink. No battery sized, hard to swallow pills.
  • We always try to craft simple and easy solutions for people to fit it into their daily lives and lifestyle.
  • We have a commitment to never use artificial ingredients, fillers, bulking agents, or junk in our formulas, because we care about your overall wellbeing.
Claims that you should AVOID making about our products
  • Our products CANNOT 'cure, diagnose, reduce, or prevent' any diseases or health related conditions
  • Avoid making claims about benefits that our products do not have (please read about our products as this will help)
  • Avoid making claims about our products replacing any prescribed medication or whole foods as it is a dietary supplement
  • Avoid making any explicit or absolute claims

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 🔒


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